The essence of a Clown

The essence of a Clown

What is the essence of a clown?What is the clown state of mind?

These questions are our intention and starting point in this workshop. Emphasis is not so much how to be funny, but to use the red nose as a tool to dive in what is true in us at any moment and play with it.

Even the difficult, shameful and hidden parts of us.
And yes, through the red nose, it tends to be funny.

We are often so afraid of making mistakes, caring a lot of our image and controlling our behavior, so we forget who we really are.

Red nose gives as a possibility to let go of a little bit and play with all that there is.

What if I can be as ridiculous as I can be? What if all my ”bad and embarrassing” sides actually are the best parts? What if all the mistakes are our best gifts?

Clown -work gives us a possibility to let go of certain seriousness that we adults hold on to.

With the energy of innocence and anarchy that clown state of mind holds naturally, we can make revelational journeys within and embrace all.

Could our inner clown be our teacher? What if I let go of and let the clown speak?

Warmly welcome to this one day intensive of magical sacred clownwork.

Come as you are, no previous experience needed.

Saija Jäntti is a finnish theatre director, zen practitioner, clown and a clown teacher with years of experience teaching, performing and investigating the clown consciousness.

Advance registration needed:

WHEN: Saturday 25th of February
TIME: 12.00 -18.00
WHERE: SerVivo
PRICE: 45e


25 Feb 2023


All Day

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