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Are you eager to immerse yourself in a dynamic venue committed to sustainable living and holistic development?
If you’re a resident or citizen of the EU and under 30, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

SerVivo is on the lookout for four enthusiastic individuals keen on contributing their skills and passion. We offer a unique opportunity to be part of an inspiring team, dedicated to nurturing human development through art, dance, meditation, and diverse practices.

What is ESC?

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is an initiative by the European Union, that empowers young individuals aged 18 to 30 through volunteering or work projects within their country or abroad. It’s designed to promote solidarity, encourage social engagement, and facilitate personal growth by offering opportunities to contribute to society, gain experience, and develop new skills across diverse activities. 

Participants benefit from essential support like food, accommodation, travel, pocket money, insurance, and mentorship throughout their engagement.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn and grow by engaging in meaningful projects that encourage teamwork, collaboration, and cultural exchange, enabling them to immerse themselves in diverse communities and work collectively.

Dates & duration

The volunteering program starts on May and lasts for 7 months. 

Volunteer profile

We seek volunteers who are deeply motivated and prepared to invest their energy in both hands-on tasks and active participation within our community, along with a basic knowledge of English and organisational abilities. They should be prepared to engage in various activities including gardening, vegan/vegetarian cooking, cleaning, and overall maintenance. 

Volunteers must show an interest in learning and living in a community. Living closely with a community of diverse individuals can be both challenging and rewarding, and we seek people who are open to that experience, and eager to support our shared values and goals.

Available positions

Are you enthusiastic about supporting SerVivo’s management and enhancing its online presence? 
SerVivo is seeking an enthusiastic individual to fulfil a dual role as a Marketing and Management Support Volunteer. In this multifaceted role, you’ll engage in diverse tasks aimed at enhancing SerVivo’s online presence and providing crucial administrative support.

Depending on your skills, tasks may include:

  • Content creation: Develop engaging content for social media, newsletters, and website updates to amplify SerVivo’s mission and events.
  • Fundraising initiatives: Contribute to research and launching fundraising campaigns to improve SerVivo’s facilities and projects, aiding in administrative tasks related to funding applications.
  • Event coordination support: Assist in coordinating communications between the event team, volunteers, and visitors to ensure seamless operations during events and workshops.
  • Website and newsletter updates: Manage website updates and back-end form creations to optimise user experience and keep the audience informed.
  • Project assistance: Support the team in administrative tasks, such as project management, logistical coordination, and data entry.

I arrived in SerVivo to help build the new dance floor and by the time I left, I had taken part in multiple ecstatic dances, jams, classes, and other events, on the very wood I drilled together with my friends. SerVivo is a place of transformation where energy is always moving and this beautifully chaotic atmosphere was equally calm, allowing for much healing. I healed through connecting with the other beings passing by, through self expression on the dance floor, through eating and cooking nutritious meals and singing together in prayer.

To give a brief review of a place that feels like home and family to me is where words lack and the experience is the true capturing essence of being. But for the sake of the written word and the soul that might be served by it. Here goes: SerVivo is where comfort and challenge meet. Being embraced by family at my own pace. To teach my mind how to be silent while the body takes over to dance, these are special and precious moments to me. But also to do some maintenance work get the working spirit going and after breath in some nature and eat some good food. Connect on deeper levels with resonating beings. Thankyou and let’s live

How to apply?

This program is only for people between 18 and 30. 

To apply for any of the available volunteer positions, please send an email to
Include your updated CV and a motivational letter detailing why you aspire to be part of this project, along with any relevant interests, skills, and experiences.