Vision & Mission

What drives our movements

Our Vision

SerVivo is a venue, which holds space for living and exploring authenticity, connection and joy. We support integral human development, co-creating a global culture of trust and heartful connection, inspired by the wisdom of nature.

Our Mission

We aim to realize our vision by promoting individual and collective learning, growth and empowerment through arts, nature and somatic practices.

Our Values

Respect & Freedom

We respect the unique path of each person (their different views, backgrounds and issues), viewing it as sacred and an aspect of the divine.

Trust & Vulnerability

We practice trust and create an environment where people can feel safe to be vulnerable. We believe this is the foundation for people to live their highest potential.


We commit to expand (self-)awareness and act with personal integrity, embodying congruence of thought, word and action.


We commit to communicate honestly, clearly and straightforward with open-listening, heart-felt responses and loving acceptance. We'll not speak in a way that maligns or demeans others. We talk to people rather than about them. We may seek helpful advice, but will not seek to collude.

Human development

We commit ourselves to the expansion of human consciousness, including our own. We recognize and change any of our personal attitudes or behavior patterns which do not serve this aim. We own our responsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of all our actions.


We are kind with ourselves and others, taking responsibility to alleviate from suffering, helping each other and healing our wounds with gentleness.


We welcome change and are open to adapt and learn.

Service & Care

We commit ourselves to serve others, our planet and its inhabitants with care and beauty. Recognizing that we must also serve ourselves in order to practice this effectively.


In our daily life we bring joy and lightness.


We make it a conscious habit to express thankfulness and appreciation for all that sustains us.