Welcome to SerVivo

SerVivo is a venue which holds space for human development. We created a space to share our vision with others. A place for retreats, events, classes, therapies and personal processes; supported by the connection with nature.

Located in a valley of the Natural Park of Arrábida, we are surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The tranquility and energy brings a sense of peace that allows rest, regeneration and transformation.

Today the co-living consists of 5 core team members and a fluctuating group of volunteers, together maintaining and improving the space. We share time, work, meditation, dance, communication, and many other practices which we believe will inspire and assist us and others in living a more connected, joyful and love-filled life.

Upcoming Events

Community Experience

13 - 26 FEBRUARY​

SerVivo opens for guests.

Daily Silent Meditation, Working together, Heartsharing, Dance classes, Fire Singing circle, CI Jams, Movie night, Nature walks & much more…

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25 February

These questions are our intention and starting point in this workshop. Emphasis is not so much how to be funny, but to use the red nose as a tool to dive in what is true in us at any moment and play with it.

Even the difficult, shameful and hidden parts of us. And yes, through the red nose, it tends to be funny…

20 - 26 March

Explore your inner landscape and bring it to earth.

Landart, Ceramics, Glassfusing, Meditation, Nature walks.

Explore your inner world and find access to another level of creativity, to then bring it from the inside to the outside.

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I visited SerVivo as part of a contact improv gathering. It was an amazing experience. The teachers were skilled and patient. The vegan and locally sourced food was simply delicious. What I enjoyed the most was the group experience that was built within the gathering. We were a big group of many amazing personalities, who bonded quickly and were there for each other. SerVivo showed me way of a simpler but emotionally richer life than what I am used to in the city.

What can I say..this place has taken such a big place in my heart. From the very first day, I felt so warmly welcomed by these amazing beings that I can call my second family now. The space is beautiful and there are interesting events, workshops and retreats happening regularly. I loved the community living here so much, that without doubt I'll be back next year! Thank you for making my month so magical, insight-rich and nurturing. Até já!

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