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Welcome to weekly movement classes in SerVivo!

!! NOTE: No class on Jan 25, Apr 26 & May 17

Move through are sessions with the base in dance and movement practices such as Gaga (Ohad Naharins movement language), qigong and contemporary dance. The sessions offer a blend of these practices to give a rich toolbox that can be used in all kinds of movement classes.

Move through is based on improvisation with clear guidelines from the facilitator throughout the journey. We tune in to the listening of our bodies and explore different movement qualities from that origin. We work with the present moment and awareness of the group as a whole. The class offers a creative framework to explore playfulness, research, depth, physical workout and balancing health exercises.

Warmly welcome to an accepting atmosphere to bring out your inner mover!

Move through – “make a passage or journey from one place to another”

** Practical **
Wednesdays at 19h30-21h
Drop in price:  €10
Facilitator: Natalia Vik

Info & registration:

Bem vindos!

** About Natalia **
Natalia received her dance education at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, Denmark. She is a certified teacher of Gaga after completing her teacher training in Tel Aviv in 2012.
For the last 10 years she has shared her movement research around Europe, Brazil, Argentina and the US. Bringing movement classes to dance educations, dance companies, festivals and Gaga people classes open for the public. Natalia is also a practitioner of qigong (taijiwuxigong) and spends a lot of time in nature which is a great influence for her movement research and general curiosity/inspiration for life.

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22 Mar 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Event type

Regular Class
Natalia Vik


Natalia Vik

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  1. Anica

    hello, good evening! I would love to take your class, just wondering if it’s at 7h30 am or pm?
    Thanks !

    1. Bastian

      Dear Anica.

      Thank you for your message. The class starts at 7:30 PM. I will fix the mistake on the website. Thank you!


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