We welcome you to our community.

Come as a volunteer

To maintain and improve the infrastructure of SerVivo, we welcome volunteers. The main tasks consist of cleaning and maintaining the house and garden as well as some renovation work and cooking. If you have other skills you want to bring in, let us know.

For the next months we are not open for new volunteers.
We will remove this note once we are open again.
Since our planning will be ready only at the end of the year, please don’t send requests before January.

But good news: Your are more than welcome to join us as a visitor
From 7th to 18th February 2024.

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Let´s connect so creation and growth can happen!

We prefer volunteers to stay for a minimum period of 1 month to allow us to connect more deeply and provide you with a more expansive experience here.

We provide accommodation for our volunteers and the use of the whole space in exchange for 4 hours of work, 4 days a week. Food is not provided but as a volunteer you can join our basic communal dining for 25€/week. The communal kitchen is vegan/vegetarian and mostly gluten-free.

SerVivo is a drug-free zone.


I came for 2 weeks and stayed for 9. I arrived in SerVivo to help build the new dance floor and by the time I left, I had taken part in multiple ecstatic dances, jams, classes, and other events, on the very wood I drilled together with my friends. SerVivo is a place of transformation where energy is always moving and this beautifully chaotic atmosphere was equally calm, allowing for much healing. I healed through connecting with the other beings passing by, through self expression on the dance floor, through eating and cooking nutritious meals and singing together in prayer.

To give a brief review of a place that feels like home and family to me is where words lack and the experience is the true capturing essence of being. But for the sake of the written word and the soul that might be served by it. Here goes: SerVivo is where comfort and challenge meet. Being embraced by family at my own pace. To teach my mind how to be silent while the body takes over to dance, these are special and precious moments to me. But also to do some maintenance work get the working spirit going and after breath in some nature and eat some good food. Connect on deeper levels with resonating beings. Thankyou and let’s live

For more information, please visit our Workaway profile. 
If our profile is not active, it means we are currently not looking for volunteers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

If you are not on workaway and interested to volunteer, please send us an email.
We are curious to read what skills you can offer to renovate, build, improve…