Support the growth of SerVivo.

Why Donate?

SerVivo wants to serve, support, nourish, empower. 

 To be able to do so we are constantly improving our infrastructure and buildings and, on top this, we try to save as much resources as possible. We are adding insulation, switching to solar water systems, working on getting off the local water grid, developing our garden, buying more eco friendly, just to name some projects. And we are constantly improving small things to make the place easier to handle and more welcoming. Beside all the support we get from countless volunteers, visitors and events we would appreciate your help. Maybe you have material you imagine we can use. Or you want to contribute to the development of a specific project. Talk with us. 

How to donate?

Even a small amount makes a difference.
Supporting us to follow our vision – promoting individual and collective learning, growth and empowerment.

There are several ways to donate:

Bank Transfer

Cooperativa SVDH, crl
IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4562 6846518 05


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