MOVE through – a creative dance journey

Warmly welcome to a day of exploring through dance, movement practices and creation!

My intention for this 1 day workshop is to make dance & movement accessible to all levels and types, to be together in the field of co creation both individually and as a group.

1st part of the workshop the intention is to get into the physical body through movement practices such as Gaga movement language and Move through dance session. Both practices have the base in improvisation but with a clear instructions and frame. It is not a improv class or free dance 😉 It is also not a contact class, but I might work with partnering, or not 😉

2nd part is dedicated to creation. What is that? We will discover together, but I will set the frame and guide you through a discovery on how we can use movements to be creative and express ourselves.


Guided by Natalia Vik
*In SerVivo, Vale dos Barris 77, Palmela
*Contribution: sliding scale (depending on your financial ability): 50-70euro
*Time&day: 25th May / 10h – 17h
*Registration necessary (limited spots):

Be Welcome ❤ Bem vindos ❤