Love temple with Lydia Muller


Conscious Connection’s Love Temple is an inclusive and safer space to tune into and manifest the love that the present moment offers us all.In the first half of the event we go through many exercises and group dynamics that aim to establish a safer environment, so that everyone can relax into their own personal space and limits, ​and thus assume the role of “captain” of their body, will and presence.

Only then, with each and everyone’s agency fully on, their Yeses and Noes loud and clear, do we really enter the “Temple” itself (second half of the event), and interact consciously with each other as much as we truly desire and allow.

Our Love Temples are a sensuality-positive space where the focus is to have keep your heart open and connect from it. Because of that, conscious nudity is most welcome, but genital nudity and touch are not allowed.

There will always be space holders to support you or answer your doubts throughout the whole event. What matters is that you focus more on your personal journey to make the most of it, on your own rhythm; many times that asks for less interactions with the others and for more moments with yourself, other times you will need to feel seen and embraced by others.

Every Love Temple is unique, just like your journey. This edition in particular we are dedicating it to the archetype of Aquarius, the innovator that seeks new possibilities, creates and engineers improved realities, lives and navigates the winds of change; the pioneer who doesn’t fear being eccentric to affirm their presence.

The event happens in 5 main parts:

❤️ Opening Circle

❤️ Conscious dancing to express ourselves in a free and authentic way, while connecting to ourselves

❤️Sharing and practicing the concepts that reign this experience (consent, auto-responsibility, being here/now, etc.)

[🍴 brunch]

❤️ Introduction to the way each of the Love Temple stations works and opening them (meditation, cuddling, massage, senses, dancing, Aquarius), followed by free exploration of the space.

❤️ Closing Circle

[🍴 dinner]