Gurdjieff Sufi Dances

The Gurdjieff dances are a path of transformation through movement.

The workshop offers a practical way for Inner Work and self observation. As you practice the Gurdjieff dances, you experience ourselves as we really are. Directly, immediately, without judgement, simply seeing: this is me, this is who I am, right now. And by seeing yourself, with no illusions, you gradually step towards what you wish to be.

Each dance is a unique meditation, each dance has its own music and choreography. Some dances are fast and full of fire, others are soft and flowing, others are prayerful and quiet. Each dance invites you to experience a different quality, a different side in yourself. You could say that each dance is a different way of Being.
During the workshop we will practice the movements, and learn about the foundation of Gurdjieff’s 4th way. We will work by ourselves as well as with the group.
Anyone can join. No special background is necessary.

Upcoming events:

– May 26th, in SerVivo, Palmela
– May, dates TBD, group study of Pema-Chodron, in Mata House, near Torres Novas
– July 13th-14th, in SerVivo, Palmela
If you’d like to get updates on future events, join our silent group:

*** Who is the teacher? ***

Nimrod Tom Oren has been teaching movement, meditation, and experiential therapy for over 15 years. He has travelled the world looking for practices that have retained their essence and potency. He is the founder of a conscious, ecological and expressive community in central Portugal.
He offers these practices as a path of healing and inner-change, methods which he has found useful for himself, as well as for many others.

*** When and where? ***

Sunday, May 26
from 9:30 until 16:30
In SerVivo, a dance community in Palmela (30 minutes from Lisbon):

*** Meals ***

We will break for lunch around ~1-2pm.
You can:
– Order a delicious vegan lunch for 12 euros (please pre-order at least 2 days in advance)
– Use the SerVivo kitchen to heat or cook your own meals. If you wish, bring food for a shared potluck.

*** Cost? ***

Early bird prices are until May 20
Early bird – 60 Euros
Afterwards – 70 Euros
SerVivo volunteers and repeating participants receive a 10 euro discount.
< This workshop is offered as service for those who wish to truly work on themselves. If you want to come but can’t afford it, let us know >

*** Contact and registration ***

Spots are reserved after transferring a 30 euro deposit, either by bank transfer or credit card
Contact us and we’ll send payment details:
whatsapp/telegram: +972-54-4496279
telephone: +351-913302642


26 May 2024


9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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