Coracao de Cacau w/ Momo

>>> Cacao Ceremony | Gaga Movement | Ecstatic Dance | Gong Bath | Connection <<<

Beautiful Tribe of Light,

✨ We invite you for a special Journey, February 19th, Serra da ARRÁBIDA ✨

A beautiful calling that came to us to be honoured

>> the Celebration of the Inner Child <<<

So often in the Path we lose connection to the beautiful qualities of our Inner Child and when that Child finally breaks through, it can be through frustration, despair or impulsivity.

So for this special event, we will be focusing on retrieving the connection to our Spontaneity, to our Joy, to our Presence and to the Art of Letting Go, so well mastered by the Child.

We will be blessed with a bombastic Ecstatic Dance Set

And as a super special addition, we will have MonÁxi annoiting our Souls with her powerful musical medicine

Let’s play together ✨