Burlesko Wacko

Sexy wacky show-off extravaganza one-off session!

Inviting the absurd, queer, exaggerated, lyrical and dark, we will seek to empower our seductive self-expression through a playful dance, theatre and performance. Within a safe space where weirdness and failure are welcome, you will be guided to discover and take ownership of your seductive wacko. Owning your seductive expression means to consciously enjoy your sexual energy, not to please others or project a desire, but to celebrate your uniqueness. Thus, the performative nature of sexuality will become our playground, from which we can learn about our desires and fears while entering the infinite field of creativity. More so, allowing oneself to be seen and witnessing others, is a powerful experience of acceptance and freedom!

The workshop will include:
Consent agreements
Awakening sensual body and voice
Catwalk/ burlesque/ seductive improvised dance elements and games
DIY new genitalia orgy (old genitalia stay in the pants!)
The workshop will be led by Justi Tutti Gusti, a community artist, performer and educator, currently based in Portugal. Justi has 10 years of experience in devising performances with diverse groups of people concerning subjects that matter (incl. sexuality!). Justi is also crazy about contact improvisation and holistic dance practices. The workshop methodology is inspired by her research in burlesque, clown, sex siren and ballroom, tantra, theatre improvisation, the work of Bill Plotkin and various movement practices.
To book your place, email Justi at: , describing in a few sentences:
Who are you?
Why are you interested in the workshop?
What does ‘consent’ mean to you?
Friday, 16 February 2024
18:00- 21:15
15 – 20€
SerVivo, Palmela

If you would like to stay in SerVivo overnight or for a couple of days, you’re welcome to join Guest Weeks. Find out more at: https://www.servivo.earth/…/Guest-Week-Feb24-Info-PDF.pdf


16 Feb 2024


6:00 pm - 9:15 pm

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