Bold Heart – 4 days Bioenergetics & Active Meditation Retreat

Dare! Retrieve your childhood vitality!

Living with a closed heart, hampered by past events and memories, trapped emotions, without expression, without energy, is living in poverty.
Because a bold heart can be a broken heart, or a hurt one, but it is not frozen by fear… it is aware and it moves on… it is bold! And you? What are you waiting for? Next incarnation?…
Come and practice your full breath, melt the rigidity of your body, rescue your true power. Just like when you were a child, innocent and full of excitement for life!


Pramod Miguel Bento
Father, friend, lover, created Encontros do Umbigo, experienced bioenergetics and active meditation psychotherapist. Passionate about contact improvisation, shamanism, martial arts, instinctive archery, performer of life.
Ana Lev
Ana Lev Northern woman, mother of two children, lover, anarchist, artist, artisan, self-taught, doula, Reiki, Rebirthing, experimentalist, passionate, adventurer, lover of life, at the service of herself and the Great Mother.


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31 Oct 2024 - 04 Nov 2024


All Day

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