The Art of Birth

ARRÁBIDA DANCE LABS – “The Art of Birth”

ARRÁBIDA DANCE LABS | 23rd Edition – 21 > 29 April – Spring Gathering 2023

“I don’t think there is elsewhere in the world an event like this, that brings together so many artists, personal development researchers and first timers, for so many days, with food and accommodation included, and at such a reduced price.

At Arrábida Dance Labs, professionals of high and recognized level, with much experience and wisdom, come together with true passion and to share themselves in humbleness.
There are so many artists gathered at this Lab, including participants who don’t even know they are one of them.
These opportunities to learn from each other, within such a safe space, in such freedom and trust, are very rare.
It is definitely a great privilege.”

Patricia Domingues
(Singer and Performer)


Dear Friends,

Two weeks preparing this 23rd Booklet Invitation, with such pleasure.. meetings with the team, hours and hours choosing and editing hundreds of photos (to select just a few) so many exciting nights without sleep, so much work thrown away to start all over again… Creating the Booklets is always like composing a choreography, a musical piece, a visual art performance, or an experimental design work.
Enjoy it, not only as an information document, but as something to plunge inside, to flow within it…

But first, let me just highlight the artistic team, starting with the immense privilege of being soundscaped by 3 incredible musicians:

Zé Cruz is back again with his eclectic multi-instrumentalism ability with tones from all over the world;

Rizumik and his mindblowing beatboxing talent (award winning performer that has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil and Bobby McFerrin)

Patrícia Domingues, a performing singer from the outer world, who turns ashes back to life with her voice.

…my heart beat increases just thinking about this trio!


And the teachers:

–  Miguel Ángel Punzano will offer us the structure, precision, knowledge and “discipline” that we need to ground our “creative effervescence” (thank you Howard for the expression).

Jonathan Martineu (an embodiment philosopher) is finally with us after years of attempts, to share his Art of Dance through the gaze of Butosophy.
Fábio Krayze was highly recommended by Leo Orchidaceae for his contagious generosity and joy. He will bring us African Dances within Urban beats.

– And… our professor Howard Sonenklar, “old school” master that has been present in our Labs since the very first editions. Howard was my teacher when I was a kid! Thank you my dear friend for being with us.

Mela Mariposa, Alexa Papa, Teresa Manjua, Mieke Maria and Diana Jost will be our 5 Supportive Teachers, taking care of our bodies (what a group of precious women…).


…from the background team:

Lieve Tobback is a stunning photographer. You will be simply amazed by her super high quality artistic perspective.

Frédéric Laville will be our Osteopath, watching out for us in case of body pain or unlikely injuries (we never had one single injury in 22 editions!!).

– and finally our delicious Catering Crew led by my beloved husband Hugo Borges da Paz that will, very probably, have some special collaborations for our delights!

The theme of our 23rd edition is “The Art of Birth”, a borrowed concept from Jonathan Maritneau, as a sign of hope, for the eternal Arrival of Spring in our hearts and bodies.

Keep in touch!
And remember that the Early Bird is just until March 21!

With Love and Gratitude, receive my warmest hug on behalf of all the 23rd Team of this Move In Touch Production,

Pedro Paz
(Founder and Artistic Curator)

“It takes a lot of inner chaos to give birth to a dancing star.”


23rd BOOKLET INVITATION (web link):

Here you will find ALL INFOS YOU NEED among beautiful pictures of our previous gathering: Testimonials, Teachers Bios, Team, the 23rd Inspirational Theme,
the Venue, Accommodation, Meals, Costs and Booking Process


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