Not One; Not Two

Not One; Not Two

Not One; Not Two
Aikido, Contact and Non-Duality
Contact Improvisation Laboratory
*This laboratory is only for folk with previous experience in Contact Improvisation.

“There’s 1 and there’s 2. There’s You and there’s Me. When we commit to sharing a center, there’s something else emerging. I’m interested in That. In tHere, we’re not one, but not two.”
I’m interested in investigating an attitude of radical openness through embodiment and self-empowerment; to be loving and fearless at the same time. Contact Improvisation as a tool for navigating this human life in a more wholesome Way.
More pragmatically, I’m going to share some tools with you on How to:
– Cultivate a “multi-directional reach” and “seeing” through touch.
– Find more ease/softness (also strength/robustness) in your dance.
– Provide the steady ground from which others can safely fly (vice-versa)
– Move from conection to communion.
Simply, it’s about the pleasure of REALLY moving together. Come learn and enjoy!

Why Laboratory?
More than a class it’s space for investigation on specific proposals. Bring your curiosity and inquiring mind and let’s discover something together!

Next Thursday, 16th Feb
16h00-19h00 CI Laboratory
19h30-22h00 SerVivo CI Jam

SerVivo, Arrábida, Portugal
How much?
Lab: 15-45€
Jam: 8-10€

hosted by Francisco Borges.
351 927789929
Insta: @awakedanceflow
Pre-registration through PM.
Limited to 20 pax.
Let’s dance!


16 Feb 2023


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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