Corpo de Agora – Contemporary movement sessions

*Practical details below*

A journey into the expression of thy self through movement.
Be witnessed
Awaken your wholeness through movement
Embody thy self and let it express through the body
Experience the awakening of presence while moving into and from it
Shake with and through your thoughts
Awaken the full length of your being in presence, in motion, move
Feel the movement
Be the movement
they are
I am
we are

These sessions are for those who wish to explore their body in creative motion. A space to explore the possibilities of a creative dancing body, attentive to its desires, needs and frustrations. Thus, opening up a sea of opportunities where we can be and express through our home-body.

In this session, we seek to create a rooted, intelligent, flexible, curious body&mind capable of moving in space and life to its full potential. Inspired by contemporary dance tools, contact improvisation, qigong, gaga, creative dance, improvisation tools, proprioception exercises and more.

Awakening the vibrant dancing body&mind and creativity within each one. A path to co-create, dance, sweat, live the joys, challenges and freedom that we can find through movement.



1st Session:
9th of JAN

2nd Session:
16th of JAN

12€ per session

REGISTRATION (required):
WhatsApp +351 9111 38 717

About Carlota:
Carlota is a practitioner, researcher, artist, facilitator and learner who transits with and from the body. Inspired by the everlasting motion of Change in Life. Dedicated and passionate about the performing arts and dialogue with the community.
In her academic studies, she studied at Chapitô Circus School in Lisbon, Academy of Music and Theater Arts, Dance & Choreography, in England and more recently FOR Dance Theater at Companhia Olga Roriz, Lisbon. In her artistic body, the interest resides in the idiosyncrasies of the human being, their relationship with the world and their conditions in the Body. Carlota has been developing work in the communities, through a diversified training of levels and languages of performing arts and movement, as a facilitator, teacher and guide of creative processes, both with children and adults.
She is the founder and nurturer of the Corpo de Agora retreats and has been actively involved in the Arrábida Dance Labs since its birth in 2017, as such, she has been an active member of the SerVivo community and event space, founded by her parents.
The constant discoveries of a mutable sense of being, its constant evolution and the possibility of sharing this continuous research with the world are reasons to move forward.

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